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Antique 22k Solid Yellow Bijou Box- Polki (Diamonds)gold peacock ring, 24k Gold Foil (Kundan)gold peacock ring,Jewelry Boxgold peacock ring, Handmadegold peacock ring, Bridalgold peacock ring,Vintage Collectiblegold peacock ring, Mughal Art



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Material- 22k Solid Gold (no plating no rhodium) Our forefathers were traditionally skilled artisans who used to turn gems into jewelry. Then they began to hire other artisans to make jewelry for them. Since then, our family has been in the business of making jewelry and turning it into art. We have come up with numerous astonishing ornaments that compliment people's perception of art and fashion. But we wanted to create something extraordinary that we haven't done before. After endless discussions with our designers and artists, the creation of another masterpiece began. Finally, the forming of this compact bijou box ended.\u00a0 Made more than a decade ago in our workshop, this handcrafted box is a complement to the ornaments we have created. Our skilled artisans once again outshone their flair in jewelry making. The beautiful hand enameling on this box brings out the perfection we always aim to achieve in our creations. Embellished with the finest quality of unshaped diamonds(Polki) through jadai,\u00a0 the beauty of this box justifies the eyes seeking art.Product Description This compact bijou box is a symbol of excellence in the craftsmanship of our skilled artisans. Entirely red enameled by hand, this handcrafted box is embellished with the finest quality of unshaped diamonds(Polki) through jadai. As a complement to the ornaments we create, this artistic masterpiece keeps them in a union.See my other listings for a variety of gold accessories and jewelry supplies.https://www./in-en/shop/MangalChandandSonsCo?ref=search_shop_redirectPeacock Gold Ringshttps://www./in-en/listing/770398878/22k-solid-yellow-gold-peacock-adjustable?ref=shop_home_active_62&frs=1https://www./in-en/listing/793877337/22k-solid-yellow-gold-peacock-ring-free?ref=shop_home_active_5&frs=1https://www./in-en/listing/793881119/22k-solid-yellow-gold-diamond-polki?ref=shop_home_active_4&frs=1For further questions \u2013 please do not hesitate to contact us!Thank you for looking and have a great day!, vintage collectibles

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