Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Raw material: solid silver 925/1000Outside diameter of the box: 12mmInside diameter of the box: 8.18mmBox height without the bead: 26mmBereli\u00e8re Size: 7mm (large enough to pass all types of chain)Weight: 10GChainless pendantavailable on our online store.One of the most famous mantras of Buddhism are hand-chiseled on the box.This mantra consisting only of six syllables that must be pronounced "hom-ma-ni-b\u00ea-m\u00ea-houm" is the national mantra of Tibet.Each of the syllables of this mantra represents one of the six transcendent virtues of generosity, ethics, tolerance, perseverance, concentration and discernment.Thanks to the closure system, the box can close to collect the vows and open to release them.You can write a small message on a small piece of paper and keep it inside the box. It is a very precious jewel of happiness!!!, tibetan pendant

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