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argentium clasp, Argentium® Silver Anchor Link Magnetic Clasp a Substantial 20.2mm x 14.1mm



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I'm so glad I discovered **Argentium 935-960 Fine Silver- over 10 years ago. and have been using it in my own jewelry designs ever since.Now Offering ~ Argentium\u00ae Silver Anchor 20.2mm x 14.1mm Link Magnetic ClaspThis is a very substantial clasp - which would make a great focal point for your bracelet or necklace, and it's Argentium~ What's not to LOVE!Metal type: Argentium Silver Karat/purity: 935 Style: Magnetic Overall length: 20.2mm Width: 14.1mm No. of strands: 1-strand Fabrication method: Cast Metal color: White Country of origin: United States Weight: 5.005 g (0.177ounces) Design: Anchor (Unisex)This Argentium\u00ae Silver magnetic clasp is crafted to look like an anchor clasp. The design of the clasp includes interlocking pegs that prevent the clasp from being pulled apart laterally. To open it, lift the two halves of the clasp and then separate them. A magnetic clasp is a two-part clasp with a magnet in each part that holds securely, yet opens and closes easily\u2014ideal for those who have difficulty using regular clasps. To help prevent loss, care should be taken to ensure that the jewelry piece is not heavier than the clasp can support.I use these well made clasps on my double and triple chain bracelets, Leather and silver triple wrap bracelets, beaded bracelets, or what ever you as a designer come up with. :-) please note:\u2022 Overall length indicates the length added to your strand by the clasp.\u2022 Never solder on or around the magnets in this clasp; the heat permanently destroys its magnetic properties.<<<<<<~A little about Argentium Fine Sterling Silver ~Known for its natural beauty, and often compared with white platinum gold, Argentium silver is superior to traditional sterling silver, and always contains between 93.5% and 96.0% pure fine silver. It\u2019s the presence of germanium however an element with a metaliic luster that has the same crystal structure as diamonds that changes everything. Argentium silver has only trace amounts of copper, which is the material that causes sterling silver to tarnish, so with only trace amounts, and the addition of germainium you are left with a sterling silver that is a cut above the rest. Argentium withstands the test of time, staying bright and beautiful which offers long-wearing shine that will stay in pristine condition for years to come. Why not consider Argentium Sterling silver for your next beautiful piece of jewelry.I guarantee you'll be glad you did!!, argentium silver

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