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SWAROVSKI Crystal Necklacelead crystal beads, Quality Vintage 70's GENUINE CRYSTAL Beaded Necklacelead crystal beads, Signed Sal



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Here is a lovely signed Swarovski crystal necklace from the late 70's - 1980's that is genuine lead crystal beads interspersed with smaller black, crystal beads. This piece is quality made as there are knots in between each bead. This fabulous necklace has a lot of weight to it due to the high content of lead in the crystals. Flapper length at 36" long; wear it doubled. Each bead measures about 1/2". The black glass beads are just a tad smaller. On the clasp it is marked "S.A.L. (Copyright symbol)" which stands for Swarovski America Limited. The beads are beautifully faceted which makes this beaded necklace sparkle, it's quite lovely! Hallmark: S.A.L -Swarovski America, Ltd.Circa: 1977-1988Excellent Condition, beaded crystal

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